A beautiful work of love and heart! My go-to for envisioning, creating and living my best life.

A gem of a daily reader – I found “A Year on the Journey” insightful and so thoughtfully written. The Preamble is lovely, expressing Deanna’s intentions and guidance in using the book. I particularly love the list of ‘God Qualities’ – a powerful tool. Also helpful, the January readings encapsulate New Thought concepts as a whole, providing clarity for each day that follows. The readings are like an invitation to review my own thoughts and re-imagine my life in a more loving and expansive way – and to ultimately co-create with Spirit.

Inspiring and elegant, I love this book and what it brings to my life each day!

Kimberly Reeves Parker


Inspirational and practical guidance

For about 8+ years before this book was published, I have been reading Deanna’s daily inspirational writings (spiritual lessons) that have evolved into this book. As soon as it was published, I immediately purchased mine, that I will be reading, highlighting, bookmarking, and dog-earring for years to come. Reading her messages on a near-daily basis has helped me in my journey of finding and developing my own unique concept of a higher power that I choose to call God. Continuing to read her book as part of my morning routine helps me to remember the important spiritual principles that make my life happy, joyous, and abundant.

A. Elliott


Daily Inspiration

We are loving this book so much we are buying another as a gift. Truly great everyday read to start your day.

Danny L. Miller