The Book

Within these pages, you will find personal, practical guidance for creating a joy-filled and effective relationship with God. A Year on the Journey offers spiritual principles, spiced up with stories, allegory, and metaphor, along with deductive reasoning, humor, and real-life experiences. The 366 daily lessons lead the reader to:

  • Create a truly useful God consciousness or build upon the one you already know;
  • Discover practical teachings and guidance, leading to exciting experiences of the Presence of God;
  • Unlearn negative habits of thought and belief that prevent true Joy in living;
  • Align with the mind of God to unleash new Confidence, Peace, and Creativity.

The principles presented here emphasize that we are each unique, unrepeatable expression of God. As such, finding and manifesting our greatest version of ourselves is our purpose in being alive. It is our Highest Good, and is available to everyone.