The Author

Deanna Allcorn Smith, RScP

Hello Friend, and WELCOME to my website!

If you are here to purchase your first copy of my book, to post a review, to read my blog, or to just get familiar with my work, I’m so grateful that you have stopped by!

A Year On The Journey is my first published work — a culmination of more that six years of writing and editing, laced with focused prayer and meditation, discussion with my mentors, setbacks and hurdles, winning streaks and phenomenal victories! To have my book published is perhaps the greatest expression of my Purpose thus far in this life — to Gracefully give away the amazing knowledge and Wisdom that has come to me over years of study and practice. I’m so thankful to be right here, right now!

For thirty years my profession was in the tech industry, as a materials buyer and inventory control specialist for manufacturing companies. When I was able to walk away from that, I did not want to simply retire. A ‘repurposing’ was called for, and I got it! I had been involved in spiritual studies at Center For Spiritual Living, Reno for a few years by then, and to my delight discovered I had qualified to enter formal studies to become a Licensed Professional Prayer Practitioner. In 2014, I earned that license, and since have been serving my community as a Spiritual Counselor — working and praying one-on-one with private clients, presenting workshops and clinics, and providing prayer support for requesters in the form of written prayer letters. In 2023, I have recently accepted my first assignment to serve as a hospice Chaplain.

Over time, my love for writing has bloomed and become refined. A Year On The Journey is an offering born of deep intuitive searching and a desire to communicate the profound Love and Guidance I receive from Spirit. My hope is that you will not just read it, but study it, do some journaling on the ideas presented, highlight, underline, and fill the margins with your own insights! And then next year, do it again!

So, thank you dear one, for visiting! Please come back and interact with me! Pose your questions and share your personal insights as you travel this road of expanding consciousness. It’s my great honor and pleasure to be on this journey of spiritual discovery with you!

Bright Blessings Always!

Deanna Allcorn Smith